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Install and Configure a Ghost v1.0.0 Blog on Ubuntu 16.04

Ghost is a modern, open source publishing platform built on Node.js with an Ember.js admin client, a JSON API, and a theme API powered by Handlebars.js. Ghos

How to Install Apache 2.4 on Arch Linux

Prerequisites A Vultr server running up to date Arch Linux. See this guide for more information. Sudo access. Commands required to be run as root ar

How To Install Multicraft on Windows

Introduction Multicraft is a Minecraft server management control panel used to manage your Minecraft server. In this tutorial, we are going to instal

Protect SSH Access Using Spiped On OpenBSD

Since SSH access is the most important entry point for administrating your server, it has become a widely used attack vector. Basic steps to secure SS

Setting up a Left 4 Dead Gameserver on Debian

In this guide, we will be setting up a Left 4 Dead game server on Debian 7. These commands were tested on Debian 7 but they should also work on Ubuntu. Befor

Simple Mailserver With Postfix, Dovecot, And Sieve On Debian 7

The following tutorial describes how to set up a simple mailserver using Postfix as MTA, Dovecot as MDA and the awesome Sieve for sorting mails. The startin

How To Install XCache on Ubuntu 15.04

XCache is an open-source opcode cacher for PHP. In this tutorial, Ill explain how to install and configure XCache. I assume that you already have a web serve

How to Install RainLoop Webmail on Debian 9

Using a Different System? RainLoop is a simple, modern and fast web-based email client. RainLoop source code is hosted on Github. This guide will show you ho

How To Install Vagrant On CentOS 6

For any modern development team, it is always a good idea to use a unified code running environment throughout a project. In a unified code runnin

How to Install Sylius eCommerce Platform on CentOS 7

Using a Different System? Sylius is a modern e-commerce platform for PHP, based on the Symfony Framework. Sylius source code is hosted on GitHub. This guid

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